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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Abstract Zig Zags

Hi guys =). While I was in England I got a chance to surf Pinterest one evening (like I don't do this enough even when at home =P). And of course I came across heaps of new ideas for decorating my nails. There were quite a few pictures from this site/blog Pshiiit which is in French. No need for Google Translator because the pictures were enough to show how amazing this girls (Camille) nails were! Ever since then I've been going back through her achieves and omg I love her nail designs. And she keeps them amazingly immaculate. Best of all, she has the best ideas on how to make them look all prettified and all sorts of different ways! As soon as I came across one of her tutorials on this zig-zag sticky tape manicure I had to try it. There are so many other ones I want to try! Not to mention, her photos are really really nice!

I used a no-name dark blue polish I got from Thailand, and layered it with Orly Luxe. Just look at the illustrations on Camille's blog to see how it's done! Relatively easy =). Having said that, I really need to get back into all this nail art stuff - I've gotten rusty! And my nails need serious TLC....

=D xx

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