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Friday, 6 January 2012

Twenty Two

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my 22nd birthday =D. Twas a joyous occasion, even though half my family was travelling the world, I partied it up with my friends and Dad =P. Well, it wasn't really a party, more like our traditional yum cha outing, coupled with shopping, and dinner with daddy dearest =D. I enjoyed the day immensely!

The aftermath...

We seem to have made it a tradition amongst my high school buddies to go for yum cha at the end of every year, which has slowly become a celebration of my birthday. I absolutely love it. Marigold in Haymarket has become our 'regular' after East Ocean got rid of their carts (Boo!).

I also got some nice pressies (a few bits and pieces from myself as well haha =P).

Thank you Kalli =D
Absolutely loving the iPhone!!

And, this probably sounds like the most depressing thing, I made my own cake =P. Well, I do love cooking, so any excuse is good for me, and since everyone was so busy because of the holiday season (the downside of having a birthday so near to Xmas! Tis very easy to get cast aside...), I thought might as well! Hahah, but it tasted really good!! Ill post the recipe after this post...this Caramel Cake is so rich and dense mmmmm

And, one last special touch, my brother sent me a birthday card all the way from Italy!! Beautiful beautiful card, and made this birthday a memorable one =D. Apparently a present is waiting for me in England for when I travel there later in February! How sweet is he!

=D xx

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