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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Hi guys!! These past few days have been so hectic! My parents came back from overseas (meaning I had to make the place look all clean and tidy and not like a bomb just went off =P), I've been running around trying to sort out all my things for my trip (omg 1 day to go!!!!), catching up with friends before I leave.....gaaahhh I wish there were more hours in the day!!

I thought I'd do a post on a lovely brand of jewellery i acquired a few weeks ago called Adorjo. Co-owner Cecile was kind enough to contact me and send over some samples for me to have a look at. In the meantime, I was able to have a look around their site and i was really impressed with the jewellery, alot of it is pretty much my style and i could see myself wearing alot of the pieces....I was so tempted I actually made up a shopping cart for myself, but my current saving regime must prevail!!

So as I mentioned before, Cecile sent over a few products (all from the Gorgeous Gold collection which Cecile picked out - lol i think my blog reveals waaaaaay too much about me) and they were really nice!

They came in a cute little pouch!

Vega Stretch Bracelets

These are so pretty!!
Definitely something I would have picked out. I can see myself wearing these with a beige or cream chiffon dress and some pretty gold rings....and they are so cheap on sale atm!!

Honey Round Drop Crystal Earrings

These are gorgeous glittery earrings. I don't normally wear drop earrings but I tried them on really quickly and they actually look really nice! Make me look a bit more girly =P. Again, these are really well priced and are also on sale now!

I haven't had a chance to wear them yet, but I'm hoping to wear these all sometimes soon, and I'll definitely have pictures to put up on here to show you all =D.

Adorjo's whole jewellery range is moderately priced and I think it's really good value given that it's sterling silver and really good quality. As I mentioned before, Adorjo's style is definitely similar to my own...I'm really liking pretty much the whole Vintage Glamour collection and this ring from the Cosmic Dreams collection. 

I'm actually really intrigued by the Swarovski skin tattoos (pictured to the right in the first picture) will be really interesting to see how those turn out! Cecile informed me that it's a recent concept originating from Europe and they are made up of fine glitter and Swarovski crystals (which excites me very much!!). Apart from the gold glitters ones she sent me, they also come in silver with blue crystals. They are actually really easy to apply when i was reading the instructions - just peel away the backing and place it on the skin in the desired spot (they suggest the arm, shoulder, scoop neck, back, ankle - I can see this on the back of my neck I reckon). It says the last for upto 3 days which is also a plus...nothing worse than a half peeling tattoo adorning your skin haha.  They are also hypoallergenic which is REALLY good for someone like me who has extremely sensitive skin! I can see myself manipulating them to make smaller patterns but we'll see how that goes (again, hoping to do a post on them when I attempt to apply them).....

Adorjo is a new Sydney based company, run by the lovely Cecile and her partner, providing the latest European styles in jewellery and accessories. Adorjo recently underwent a makeover of their site and company pretty much, and the launch of their new online outlet is quite tempting for online shopping junkies like myself! It's pretty easy to navigate, everything is grouped under collections, or you can sort through them by their jewellery type or even by price range. They feature daily flash sales where a random item is chosen daily to be massively reduced, sometimes up to 50% for the next 24 hours, and its quite good because the product changes everyday are really varied, so one day you might have earrings on sale, the next day a necklace.They also have giveaways every month (visit and 'Like' their Facebook Page to find out about these!!)

And one of the best things is that there is FREE SHIPPING for orders over $60! I have to say that's a big selling point for me, shipping fees are probably one of the biggest things that turns me off buying things online. And as well as that, you get a free gift (!!), and who doesn't like free-stuff right?!

Another good thing I noticed was that these came super fast!! Delivery was so quick - Cecile posted them and like a couple of days later I received them. Another good thing about ordering from Sydney (or even Nationally) based companies, not only are you supporting local business but everything comes super quick and in good condition!

Hopefully once I get back form my trip ill be able to wear these with some outfits and post them on here for you guys to check them out! Definitely check out Adorjo's jewellery collection online and browse through their products - alot of stuff is on sale right now and really really good value!! I'm sure you ladies will find something you like, and a good bargain along the way!

=D xx

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