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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

More Make Up.....

Waaaah I need to stop buying this stuff!! I'm not even using much because I don't go anywhere with this bloody cast on!!

I'm not gonna go through everything this time because it would take waaaay too long =P. But I thought I might mention the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils because I absolutely LOVE them! They are so easy to use and I love the creamy consistency and they are so concentrated colour-wise.

They make putting eye make up on everyday less of a chore =P, especially when you're as lazy as me. Let's put it this way, normally I wouldn't have put eye-shadow on if I didn't have these otherwise ahhaha. I got some really nice colours - the range is quite extensive. I wouldn't mind getting some more....

From Left to Right: Yoghurt, Bronze, Gold, Black Bean, Milk

The Milk pencil actually makes for a good eye-shadow base for loose powder. But, because they are creamy, they do tend to smudge and crease after a while so you'd be wise to check your make-up every few hours if your out, just so you make sure you don't have funny lines appearing near your brow line =P.

I got HEAPS of glitter this time around! I swear I dunno what I'm gonna do with it all....Well at least the Black Bean Jumbo Pencil will be a good backing for all the gold colours.....meh, I'll think of something ;)

Annnd I also got some more lipstick colours because I really like the NYX Lipsticks - creamy and tasteless =P considering they are only $2!

From Left to Right: Appolo, Gaea, Copper Brown, Indian Pink (Don't think that one suits me that well =P)

Among all the stuff I bought, one of the more interesting things I purchased was a gold glitter mascara, but it doesn't work as well as I had hoped =P. Maybe I could do something with all that glitter I bought hahaha.

What was the damage done this time around I hear you ask?
31 items, just over $120. That's under 4 bucks per item....I'll let you be the judge =P. Keep in mind they are actually excellent quality, compared to what you get for the same price over here....Actually, to make it easier to compare, I would say the equivalent of NYX over here would be Australis.

And before I sign-off, here's one of my fav songs on repeat atm =D. Oh how I love Coldplay! And Rihanna's been releasing some decent stuff recently as well.....

=D xx

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