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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Lucio's Italian Restaurant, Paddington

Hi Guys! I'm sooooo behind with blog posts it's not funny =/. I've been doing so much lately, but when it comes to writing stuff up I've been so bear with me as I catch up with my postings! They may be out of order but what counts is that they are posted haha.

A few weeks ago a bunch of us headed off to a surprise grad/birthday lunch for our friend (Nadi =D), and we decided to go somewhere a bit fancier since it was a special occasion. However, it is sorta hard to find nice places which are open for lunch on a Saturday (we are all busy at different times of course =P), but we did manage to find one! Lucio's Italian Restaurant in Paddington was conveniently open for us to fit in a lunch with all our conflicting schedules.

I absolutely love Paddington. It's such a nice suburb not only for the incredible shopping but just the atmosphere and vibe you get from the place is so nice. It's also a really pretty suburb in my opinion, with some of the nicest houses! As we drove past we pretty much figured we wanna move here, once we win the lotto =P.

Lucio's is tucked away down one of the many side streets of Paddington, and seems to blend in perfectly with the relaxed vibe and beautiful scenery. When we walked in I felt a bit self conscious, not only because I have a massive cast on, but I felt like we were a bit overdressed in this place was full of couples and families just out for lunch. But, I soon got over it since I realised we were celebrating which does call for fancy attire =P. Being a bunch of girls (and one boy =P), we are quite noisy, and again, this might have made us stand out a bit more since it seemed like the restaurant was a quite one.

The food was so nice!! I absolutely loved it. We received complementary entrees of marinated olives and grissini, and we also ordered some extras for the table....

Freshly shucked oysters with a red wine vinegar & eschallot dressing
Seared scallops wrapped in pancetta with cauliflower & bottarga
Lightly fried zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta & lemon served with macadamia nuts & roasted peppers (The roasted pepper was so good!!)

Mains were absolutley deeelish!! I chose the duck (my current restaurant obsession =P), and it was such a generous serving, I couldn't finish it. And everything was reasonably priced. We also got a gorgeous sav blanc to go with everything (Thanks for the recommendation Thulz =D).

Balsamic roasted duck with pickled shiitakes, spelt & sorrel
Slow roasted lamb rump with fennel purée, salt roasted beets & dandelion greens
Grilled deboned rosemary & garlic scented spatchcock served with silky eggplant, pine nuts & ligurian olives
Fish of the Day (Can't remember what it was!!)

Dessert was also really nice! We decided to get a dessert sharing plate for the table since we were already full from our mains. The best one I reckon was the Spiced Rhubarb Pudding....

Assaggi - Tasting plate of desserts
Clockwise from top left:
Bitter chocolate & chestnut torte, date mousse & candied chestnuts
Strawberry, mascarpone, honey & thyme tart
Biscotti Ice Cream
Spiced rhubarb pudding

And we also received complementary biscotti =D

Service was speedy and waitstaff were so friendly and polite. They also gave great recommendations from the menu =D. It was such a nice lunch on such a beautiful day, and I loved the restaurant and it's gorgeous location.

Congrats on graduating Nadi (and Happy belated Birthday!)

Lucio's Italian Restaurant
47 Windsor Street,
Paddington NSW 2021
Ph: (02) 9380 5996

Lucio's on Urbanspoon

=D xx 

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