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Thursday, 8 December 2011


Hi guys =)! I've been out and about so much this week, it's surprising how much you actually can do with a cast on haha. Well, technically I shouldn't be doing much, but I hate crutches so I've ditched them and started just walking normally....well, as normal as you can with a cast on =P. My foot doesn't hurt, so I figured it would be ok.....hopefully =P.

Anyways, just thought I'd do a quick post before i run off to dinner! I like to make the most of my manicures each time I paint my nails. So I've taken to wearing a colour for a few days, by itself, and then putting a pattern on it when I see signs of wear and tear (easy way to cover up the chips). I was sporting XOX No. 34 again cos I'm really like neutral nude colours at the moment. And I decided to put a flower pattern on and few coloured's not my best, I'm so not creative when it comes to these things. I need inspiration!!

Under plain light (urgh my hands are so DRY!)

And under the beautiful lightbox =)

=D xx

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