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Friday, 16 December 2011

El Jannah, Granville

Hi Guys!! If you live in Sydney and if you haven't tried El Jannah's famous Charcoal Chicken yet, then you need to call me up and I will take you there personally. Because you are SERIOUSLY missing out!!

You have NO IDEA what good charcoal chicken is until you have tasted this. BUT, you MUST have it with all that comes with it!! Rip off a bit of Lebanese bread, stuff it with the mouth-watering chicken and a few pickles, and of course.....

The Legendary Garlic Sauce. 

This. Stuff. Is. Incredible. Life changing. Extremely flavourful. Packed with enough garlic to drive away hoards of vampires. And loved ones =P. Don't even think about kissing anyone after eating this stuff. But, it's a small sacrifice for this incredibly addictive sauce haha. 

I've been here a few times now, and I swear I don't think I could go back to any type of chicken ever again. It's just too good!! And it's so cheap!! We bought this for our family dinner a couple of weeks ago for under $50 and we were stuffed!! We couldn't even finish the family size fries (which is quite big, and must be for a very large family =P)....

Love the brightly coloured pickles...
Tabouli (which isn't a neccessary addition to this awesome meal)
was a bit watery, but the chicken and garlic sauce defs make up for it!

I can safely say this is probably one of my all time fav meals EVER. So cheap, and so incredibly satisfying. It reminds me so much of the absolutely delicious Shawarma we used to have every week when I lived in the Middle East. And that's about as authentic you can get. And ever since returning from the Middle East we have been searching far and wide to find something that even remotely resembled or tasted like our beloved Shawarma. And, now, after 10 years of desperate searching, we have found it. I could just cry with happiness.

Omg I'm craving it right now.....

El Jannah
6 South Street
Holroyd NSW 2142
Ph: (02) 9637 0977

El Jannah on Urbanspoon

Get your ass over to El Jannah ASAP!! xx


  1. the garlic sauce is all kinds of amazeballs!

  2. agreed!! its good with everything - chicken, chips, bread, crackers....


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