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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Criniti's, Castle Towers (A Hangry Affair =P)

You'd be hard pressed to find good Italian food in Sydney, outside Leichhardt of course. That's my personal opinion. I'm sure there are some real gems out there of course, I mean, I haven't tried EVERY Italian place in Syd of course, but from what I've had, I'm not jumping up and down. I'm so picky when it comes to Italian. Only just today I tried an Italian eatery in my local area and it wasn't spectacular. I think I've mentioned before, not sure, but the best Italian Ive had in Oz so far has been up at the Gold Coast. Yes, the Gold Coast. Hard to believe isn't it. But it's true! It was this cute family run business just across from our hotel - the amount of customers dining there each night was a testament to how good their food was.

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago a bunch of us decided to try out the new Criniti's in Castle Towers. I've been to the one at Darling Harbour, which was OK, nice, but not spectacular. And I guess the one at Towers is exactly the same (I mean how much can they differ really =P). Only 2 dishes stood out for me - a pasta and one dessert. Everything else was so-so. And the pizza really is a let down I think.

Pappardelle Palizzi - Homemade pappardelle with prawns, pancetta, basil, garlic and chilli, definitely the best pasta of the night!

From the top: Spaghetti Bolognese, Bucatini Santa Caterina (Spaghetti with pork sausage ragu, chili and basil) and Pappardelle Palizzi

Chicken Pizza (Couldnt remember the name =P) and Minchia (Ham, Pancetta, Salami, capsicum, mushrooms, mozzarella, olives and red onions)

And I think the chilli sauce we ordered deserves a special mention!! This stuff is epic!!! Thank you Abi for introducing us to this!! We put it all over our pizza and pasta =P. We had to order it twice cos we liked it so much haha. It was a bit oily, but omg the chilli...drool.

Dessert wasn't anything to get excited about, EXCEPT for the Nutella Bomba!! We practically fought over it, we nearly knocked the plate over haha. Even though its so simple, it was sooo good.

The Epic Nutella Bomba! I wanna try make this!!

Creme Brulee

This was the worst creme brulee I've ever tasted. I'm not the biggest fan of creme brulee, but this was particularly bad. The custard was eggy and grainy and just gross. Never again!! We hardly touched it =\

Crespelle - Italian crepes filled with marscapone, banana and strawberries,
with chocolate fudged, crushed nuts, creme and vanilla gelato

Vanilla Gelato with Chocolate Fudge Sauce (They ran out of chocolate gelato =( )

The only difference with this Crinitis compared to Darling Harbour, possibly even all the other outlets, was that the place is CRAWLING with gorgeous wait staff!! Like, model material no joke!! I could count on two hands the amount of man-candy running around! Too bad their service wasn't that great....we were waiting for nearly an hour for our meal. When I got home I found the perfect word on Urban Dictionary to describe our shared sentiments - Hangry. So hungry that you're angry. It really shouldn't take that long to make 4 pasta dishes, 2 being the same. But, to make up for it our waitress was quite nice =). She even offered to send back our disappointing creme brulee.

But I've spoken to a few people who also tried out the place and they said service was OK, but they didn't spot all the gorgeous babes working there....I guess it's a bit of a 'luck of the draw' case on a daily basis haha.

To be honest, I like the atmosphere of Criniti's, it's quite lively and happening, a bit loud, but it's still nice. And their decor is nice as well! I especially love the caddies, they have a little service button as well which is great cos it's such a busy restaurant (well, the concept is great, however we tried it out and no one came...).

Would I go back? Yes, BUT only for the bomba and the eye-candy. OH and the epic chilli sauce!! =P.

Criniti's Castle Towers
Shop 17, The Piazza
Castle Towers
Castle Hill NSW 2154
Ph: 1300 274 648

Criniti's Castle Hill on Urbanspoon (oooo seems that urbanspoon agrees with me on this one haha)

=) xx 


  1. Haha you should go try one! It's epically good =D


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