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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Autumn Nails

I know it's currently summer in Oz, but It doesn't feel like it!! With temperatures in the low 20's and cloudy, gloomy days brought on with the rolling in of grey storm clouds threatening to rain all over our blessed summer days.....its ridiculous. It feels a bit like Winter, or Autumn. But I love Autumn, so no, it's like Winter =P. I've never in my life had to turn the heater on in December. December!! I know for the rest of the world this sounds normal, but no. Just, no!!

Well, lately it hasn't been that bad, which is sorta good since my cast is FINALLY off!! Bring on the beach!! However, I heard it's gonna rain all through New Years =(. Anyways, to cheer myself up, I did my nails =D. I remember seeing this gorgeous design by Deniz from Emerald Sparkled (one of my all time fav nail blogs - her nails are immaculate and her designs are waaaaay creative!!! Incredible free-handing skills, and I love how she explains her inspiration for each manicure....she herself is quite inspirational!!) quite a few months back when I was browsing through all her posts, and I instantly fell in love with it. I knew one day I would have to re-create it because I liked it that much....the colours remind me so much of Autumn, or even Winter (so this suits all you Northern Hemisphere peeps!), and so, with the weather being so crappy, I think they are well suited!!

I think it turned out so nice!! This is probably in my top 5 fav manicures I've ever done. I absolutely love the colour combination. I decided to change the design I put on so it wasn't completely the same as Deniz's =P.

This is Essie Playa Del Platinum. This by itself is really nice and I love the application. On first and second coat it doesn't look that nice, but as soon as you put the third coat on its gorgeous...

And then I sponged on Orly Glitz and Glamour just to half way down the nail, followed by OPI Rising Star just on the tips. By doing the sponging of Rising Star on the tips it creates such a nice gradient of gold.

Didn't bother cleaning my nails at this point, since I had the pattern to put on as well which can get quite messy...

Even without a pattern it looks so nice!!
And finally I put a delicate flower pattern in black, followed by a yellow/gold rhinestone on each middle flower on each finger =D. So pretty!!

Again, credit goes to Deniz for the gorgeous colour and pattern combination!!

=D xx

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