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Monday, 5 December 2011


Hey Guys =). Hope everyone has been good, preparing for the holiday season and all! I must apologise for my absence this past week, I've been a bit consumed with uni stuff and this whole business with my foot has left me quite disheartened and just a bit de-motivated. I've come to a point where I have to decide what I want to do with my life, or at least the next year of it, now that I've finished my's so strange! And so stressful. And I can't stress to you enough how inconvenient it is when you are incapacitated with one limb malfunctioning. I hate sitting at home, cos even though there's heaps to do, I can't really do alot of it since my leg gets in the way, and technically I can't put any weight on it (even though I've been walking all over the place without my crutches....they hurt so much!!) It is so frustrating, it's brought me to tears a few times. I'm such a drama queen. And to top it all off, my brother left for Europe today, and I'm not gonna see him for 3 months so I was so emotional today :'(......

But I'm so very determined to get back up out of this hole I've dug myself and try see the positives in life rather than the negatives =D. It's amazing how investing a bit of time into taking care of yourself makes such a big difference. Dressing up and going out, even if in a cast, made me feel so much better =D. I was also panicking a bit about my up and coming trip overseas being unable to walk and all, but I managed to shift everything back by about a month so ill be leaving in mid-January....which means I'm gonna be in Sydney for Xmas and New Years!! Which means for free time to do all sorts of things!

In my little depressive episode I experienced last week, I wasn't even bothered to do my nails (so sad!). I did sport this really white manicure for a few days - this is NYX Heaven. Its so so sooo sheer, this is about 3 coats and I'm not happy with the opacity. But it lasted for a few days so it wasn't that bad (it actually looks way better in the pictures than in real life...)

I'll be back real soon!! xx

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