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Monday, 21 November 2011

Man Down, Man Down! I repeat, MAN DOWN!

Ahhh. Only 3 little letters can describe my weekend. F.M.L.

All I can say is beauty is definitely pain.

Mum warned me not to wear these 6 inch babies to my friend's 21st. But being the perfect daughter that I am, I didn't listen to her =P. These shoes are actually not that bad to walk in. But once you lose your balance, you're screwed.....

Me being the most un-co person, I tripped...and consequently my foot just went all spasmodic and twisted left, right and cut a long-story short, I am now sporting a different kind of platform =P.

Sigh. Everytime I think about it I get that sinking feeling in my stomach. Oh the embarrassment.

You live and you learn right? Hahaha.

So, it's actually not that bad, its the teeniest tiniest fracture on the 2nd toe bone (metatarsal) on my left foot. So I have to wear this moon-boot just to help it heal quicker. Good thing is I can take it off and still walk around and it shouldn't take very long to heal, maybe 1 month. As a consequence, I'm trying to get my trip rescheduled so I don't put to much strain on my poor foot =(. And I've already missed out on much anticipated summer events ( I am DETERMINED to make it to Stereosonic! I don't care if I have to crawl!!) Oh why is life so hard!!

AND that means I get about a month break from work, so I'll either be staying at home indulging in some Rn'R, cooking out of boredom, or going around taking advantage of my temporary disability by taking up disabled parking spots and walking a few meters to countless eateries around Sydney =P. And you guys will hear about it all on my blog! So I guess something good will come out of this hahaha.

Urgh, looks like an ice hockey boot. I reckon I could play soccer with this baby....lord knows what I'm gonna do with it when my foot heals....ill take any suggestions hahaha?

Anyways kids, I'm off to rack up my screen-hours for the day =P xxx


  1. Oh No! That's a nasty trip you took. I hope you feel better soon. So no Christmas in England I guess.Try not to put too much strain on your foot. Just relax with some good tv and your favorite comfort food.It does look like an ice hokey boot.Get your friends to sign it :)Feel better soon.

  2. Aww thank you!! Yea i was nearly in tears when i realised ill be spending Christmas alone and in Sydney!! Boo hoo :(. Defs gonna take your advice with the relaxing!! Ahaha and great idea about signing the cast, ill get them to use white-out ahaha


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