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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Make Up Haul

I've been going on online shopping spree's for the past week or so. Its so bad. I'm supposed to be saving for my trip but I can't help myself!! I'm working so much these days I'm actually not that worried about it, because everything I buy is on sale and I actually don't end up spending that much. I guess it's more the sheer amount of things that end up being delivered to my doorstep. For instance, I buy alot of cosmetics from the US and alot of things are SO CHEAP compared to here! PLUS they had a sale on so I wasn't gonna pass up the opportunity! So I ended up spending about 120 bucks (including postage + handling) for all that you will see in this post (a total of 25 items on this occasion!!!)....

I get so excited when I receive a package!! And I haven't gotten
one for ages so I was even more ecstatic!!

So this mega package consisted of a range of lipsticks, bronzers, eyeliners, a crap load of nail polishes, foundation, concealer, fake eyelashes....pretty much your whole make up drawer =P.

NYX Pastel Collection (L-R) - Yellow, Lavender, Mint, Coral, Pistachio and Blue

NYX Polishes (L-R) - Paris, Surf, Ice Queen, 24k Glitteron, and Ice Glitter

NYX Heaven, Jordana Mint Candy and Milani Jewel FX Gold

Yea....I need to stop buying nail polish

Anyways, so I thought I'd go through some of the things I bought! I normally don't actually use a lot of make up and am pretty much a noob when it comes to applying it correctly, so some of this stuff was all new to me. Got this pretty cool NYX Highlight and Contour powder combo. Works quite well actually! Use the brown to contour and white to highlight...even came with a little picture to show where you should apply each colour.

Buying any makeup online without getting to try it first is always a risk in terms of selecting the right colour. But I didn't mind since it was so cheap and i thought i could blend if it wasn't exact. However, it seems i picked the right shade! Well, it was slightly dark, but this Milani Creme-to-Powder foundation in Dark Amber was quite good!

I combined it with this Milani concealer stick in dark which I purchased as well, which also was really good. Thought I would experiment and try cover up the scar on my right hand....

Clearly I didn't do the best job =P (told you I'm the biggest make-up noob). But when I tried the combination on my face just to see if it would cover blemishes it was really effective.

I'm a sucker for bronzers. I use so much of them sometimes it's like I have a fake tan. Imagine that. Fake tan.....on dark skin. Oh God. Anyways. this NYX bronzing stick was so concentrated! One tiny swipe made this huge streak of colour on my hand.....! Well, at least I won't run out for a long long time =P.

I really like this one because it has a hint of pink. The sticks came in different colours, this one is Cha Cha with Sun God haha. Have no idea how to apply this but, I'm afraid ill be too heavy handed, and since its so concentrated....I suggest you wear your sunglasses the next time you see me kids so you don't go blind =P.

And last but not least I got some fake eyelashes!! Love love LOVE these Side Swept ones from the NYX Special Effects Theatrical Lashes collection. Got a few pairs of these because I love the look =D. This collection itself is amazing, you should see some of the crazy designs they have!!

Among all these new purchases I topped up on my Milani Eye Tech liner and got a couple of lipsticks....

NYX Matte Sierra and Arrisa Whimsical

And that, my friends, is how I spend my hard earned money these days =P. Believe it or not, I actually bought some more.....clearly I need an accountant to help me budget. Or some Shopaholic Rehab.

=D xx

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