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Saturday, 26 November 2011

It Can't Get Any Worse (Touch wood!)

Oh lord. I only hope that this is the worst it will get from here on in.....

So apparently even though my tiny fracture is healing properly, it's in such a position that if it does manage to slip out of place there will be serious long term consequences which could put me out for months. And so, I was told I would need a cast :'(. I will be a cripple for 5 more weeks. I'm crying inside...

Welcome depression. 

To make it worse, just a bit of salt in the wound (rubbed in viciously), it is currently extremely sunny outside, which is where I should be, listening to the sounds of Stereosonic. F.M.L.

My doctor did inform me that there was indeed a bright side to my predicament - apparently because my cast is waterproof, I can go swimming. No worries that this thing weighs a crap-load, and the mobility in my leg is very limited, and hence I can't kick properly to keep myself afloat, and will most likely sink to the bottom.... *Thumbs up*

End rant.  

There was one plus side to the bought me a pack of Rainbow Paddlepops. Yay =).

BTW how crap do they look without the blue and green?! It can't even be classed as rainbow =P xx

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