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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I Need a Dollar

I have been working so much recently. I've been so tired and exhausted, juggling with placement, but it has been worth it, purely because my bank account has risen from the dead because of it. And finally last week I had the opportunity to spend some of my hard earned moolah before I slave away to save the rest of it for my upcoming trip (so close yet so far now!!). I went with my friend Nat, who I always end up spending money with when we go somewhere together =P. Bad influence she is!!

And the first thing I went for was the nail polish. I seriously have a problem. In my defence each bottle was under 3 bucks, which to me is a bargain!

I also had to buy some eye-liner, and while i was looking for that Nat was trying on some lipsticks, and so I consequently followed her and ended up choosing some for myself...

I also ended up buying a pair of acid wash jeans from Factorie, since i've been looking for a pair for a while and they were quite cheap.

And here's me in my new fav oversized jumper courtesy of Sportsgirl =). It's so comfy! And this particular day was chilly compared to the otherwise recent warm weather Sydney has been experiencing.

Too bad I can't show you a picture of the $350 sequin dress I was sooo tempted to buy.....but here's a pair of MASSIVE wedge heels I bought online the same week!!

.....Like I said, I need a dollar (or a million, im not fussy =P).

=D xx

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