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Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Sometimes when I wear just one colour on my nails (more often than not I wear black), I end up getting alot of tip wear a few days later, especially if my top coat isn't thick enough, or most commonly because I've been working alot in those days. It gets annoying having to remove it all and start over every few days. It's fun don't get me wrong, but it can get a bit tiresome when you are working all day everyday. So when I saw this manicure by Jane over at Nailside (I am so addicted to her manicures!! She has so many cool ideas I just wanna replicate them all!! Wish I was that creative =P) I thought it would be an easy way to combat the tip wear that was eating away at my black-clad nails I was sporting over the weekend. Even though my recent accident has actually granted me free time for a month now, which means I have time to do my nails over and over again till the cows come home, I still thought I might has well salvage these nails and try out Jane's Clouds Manicure.

Her's is of course much more accurate and neat, and I LOVE her colour combination, especially the one with the gold tips. I thought for my replication of this I might as well use some of my new polishes, so I chose NYX Pastel Lavender and Pastel Mint. Because they are both pastels, they sorta blend together a bit in the pictures....

The manicure is actually easier to do than you think - its just 3 strokes of nail polish, each consecutive one shorter in length than the last one. And you do the same thing for the third set of 'clouds', just making the lines even shorter. An obvious tip would be to use relativley opaque polishes, as it would be hard to go over the cloud pattern accurately if you used sheer polishes.

As Jane explains it in her post, the trick is to make sure there is enough polish to leave a sort of 'blob' where the line starts, so you get that rounded look to the line, rather than a straight edged line. It can be a bit tricky at first to gauge how much polish to put on your brush at first, but you eventually get the hang of it. Needless to say my right hand look atrocious =P. I definitely need practice with my free-handing!!

=D xx

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