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Thursday, 24 November 2011

AJ's Indian Restaurant, Eastwood

I normally don't eat Indian or Sri Lankan food when we got out to eat with either friends or family. We don't exactly have the biggest range of both cuisines at home, its more to do with the fact that we like to try new cuisines when we go out to eat....these are too familiar, in that the flavours feature too regularly in our weekly menus, so we don't feel like having the same thing when we eat out.  

But at the same time, as I said, we don't know how to cook everything that features in these cuisines, so I've been keen for a while to try some Indian or Sri Lankan restaurants (Indian in particular!), ones that have been given really good recommendations or ratings. Afterall I loooove naan bread and all sorts of Indian curries which I wouldn't even dream of re-creating at home =P. Especially ever since I went to India for the first time 2 years ago - the food was absolutely to die for...I miss it =( (although the food is the only thing I miss hahah I wouldn't wanna go back for a loooong time =P quite the experience =P).

So, I did a fair amount of research to make sure we were gonna get a good meal! Lucky for me, I found a restaurant just up the road from me which had sooo many reviews and a reaaally good rating on Eatability! And the menu looked quite comprehensive, so off we went =D.

AJ's Indian Restaurant isn't exactly the fanciest restaurant on the block, but it does look really homely and quaint, just like a local restaurant should be. It was the little things like the decorative sprinkles on the table and complementary entrees that I really liked about this place. Nothing over the top, just simple with little understated touches that showed that they put in a little bit of effort. 

It seems that this place is definitely a favourite among the locals because there were quite a few people in there when we arrive. The hosts were so friendly!! I'm guessing the people who served us were either the owners of part of the family who run the business. And they had recommendations ready for us on how much to order and what to get which was really helpful. They did seem a bit rushed though, I think they were slightly short-staffed.

When I looked up at the roof, I saw all these cards from a regular playing deck stuck on the roof, each had something written on them, some with dates on the them. I felt like asking the owner why they were there, but totally forgot. So if anyone knows, let me know! I suspect it may have been some sort of blessing/ritual they did when they opened the place (??)

We ordered an entree and 2 mains to go with our naan bread and rice...

Our complementary entrees! I'm not sure what they are but they did taste's like fried balls of a mixture of chickpea flour and spices, which we also have in Sri Lanka. I'm not sure of the proper name for them =P.

King prawns coated in chickpea flour and spices and deep fried
Yoghurt-Mint Chutney! Love this stuff!!

The prawns weren't as crispy as hoped, I think they make a huge batch and just serve that until they run out, so maybe this had been sitting around for a while. But still tasted good, and the mint chutney that came with it was awesome!!

Pilaf Rice

This Rogan Josh wasn't the best I've ever had, but it was quite nice. I was expecting it to be a bit hotter but I guess that's just me and my need to put mounds of chilli in absolutely everything =P.

Chicken Tikka Masala - so so so yummy!!
Naan Bread

I absolutely love Chicken Tikka Masala and this one was really really nice! Absolutely yumm when paired with the fluffy Naan Bread.....I seriously would just be happy with the gravy from the chicken and naan bread.

I definitely wanna come back here again, or try their take-away service! They weren't that busy on the Sunday night but it seemed like they had ALOT of takeaway orders, and as I mentioned before, I don't think they had many staff on hence service was a teensy bit slow, but we didn't mind =). Their menu looks quite good and since there were only the 2 of us we didn't get to order that much, and there's alot I want to try. But I'm SO getting that chicken masala again! Sooo good =D.

AJ's Indian Restaurant
58A Balaclava Road  
Eastwood NSW 2122
Ph: (02) 9874 9090
Hope you enjoyed reading =D xx


  1. Awesome looking very tasty and delicious Yumm!
    chowringhee satya niketan

  2. I just got home from dinner but now I'm hungry all over again seeing that rack of ribs and that amazing photo of naan bread! My favorites!


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