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Monday, 31 October 2011

Sugar Fix

I just love those awesome deals that have become all the rage recently. You know, those daily deals you get in your email that have crazily discounted offers that you only have the chance to purchase within the next few days (Maybe only the kids in Oz will know what I'm talking about). There are allll sorts of things you can find on these discount sites - restaurant vouchers, holiday offers, awesome experiences likes go-karting or acrobatic's so cool! I've only purchased a few of these offers, and they've been restaurant vouchers because being a foodie is not cheap =P. But the deals are so good! I recently purchased 2 vouchers that were $5 each and entitled you to purchase $10 worth of merchandise at any Sugar Fix store. So basically it was like getting $20 worth of stuff for $10 - half price baby!! Also, lucky for me, their factory outlet is actually on the way to and from my current placement site, so I got more bang for my buck!

So I thought I might as well spend this credit on stuff I normally wouldn't get from there, or is too expensive (in my opinion) to buy out of pocket.

The Peanut Butter Mn'M's are always a hit with me, and I haven't had Pop Tarts in AGES and these Brown Sugar Cinnamon ones were so nice!! I've never ever had a Twinkie before, didn't even know what they were until I saw them. I just don't like the name....throws me off eating it (ewww gross). It's actually just a really soft cream filled cake....The Dark Chocolate Mn'M's aren't as nice as I thought they would be, but I ate them anyways =P. And believe it or not I've never ever had Dr Pepper before....and I don't think I'll ever have it again =P. I, again, being as ignorant as I am, didn't know it was like a cherry flavoured drink (technically it's marketed as a "unique" flavour, but I think it's cherry =P)....and I don't do cherry flavoured anything (unless it's actual real cherries or glace cherries) because I truly believe cherry flavouring tastes like medicine. The Hershey's Caramel Syrup is something I've been wanting to try for ages. On it's own it's so so sweet and not that special. But when teamed with ice cream it's actually quite nice, a unique caramel flavour. But yea, realllly sweet! Gosh the Americans love their sugar don't they! It also worked really well in a milkshake.

The Apple Jacks are an apple and cinnamon flavoured cereal very similar to fruit loops - they were nearing expiry so it was half price. So upon first bite you can taste the cinnamon flavour, but after that it all just tastes like sugar (i.e. like fruit loops =P).

And finally the Reese's Whoppers. OMG I absolutely loved these!! They are literally like Maltesers but instead of being covered in chocolate they are covered in peanut butter!! And they are so nice!!! And so addictive!! I must confess I finished the whole box in the one day...such a fatty. But OMG. I sorta regret discovering these now because I KNOW I'm gonna crave them....

=D xx

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