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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Pizza Scrolls

Hi guys! Today I was going through some of my photos trying to delete as much as I can before my computer dies from memory overload, and I came across these ones that I realised I hadn't done a post on yet. They were from about a month back when I had to mass produce about 300 pizza scrolls for our youth group trivia night. I know. 300. It was effing insane. It took me forever. But I did it! And they turned out realllly well! My pizza scrolls are always a hit, and they are so simple. I saved some for my brothers party that night as well and everyone kept coming up to me and asking me how  made them. And so know they will know =). But yea, its no big secret, just 4 simple ingredients! And no measurements required - this "recipe" is really flexible and allows for lots of variation and experimentation. Mine are just basic, but you can add heaps of different fillings to jazz them up according to your tastes.

Start of with plain sheets of puff pastry.....

Spread a generous amount of tomato paste over them (you might feel like adding chilli, BBQ sauce, herbs......)

Sprinkle a generous amount of cheese over the sheets (I used mozzarella but it's up to you =) )

And then top with heaps of oregano! Again you can be your own judge and add whatevs you like - different herbs, salami, other meats - whatever you feel like!

And then, you take each pastry sheet and carefully roll it up like above. You can seal the edges with some whisked eggs (egg wash), I just squashed the edge into the side of the rolls just because I'm lazy like that =P.

 And then cut the roll in to 6 even pieces (you can make them larger i.e. cut them into 4 pieces...i think 6 is the perfect size to class this as "party" finger food)

I'd actually suggest lying them pastry side down, otherwise they get reaaally hard to remove from the paper and cheese melts everywhere...can get quite messy....

And then bake them in a pre-heated oven at 230C (450F). I don't have a specified time as to how long they should cook for, but about 20 minutes is a rough guide. Or, cook them till they look like this....

Taa daaa!!! Yummmooo!!
Seriously these are the easiest, and one of the yummiest things to makes, especially if you're on a budget + time limit. I make these for all my parties and they are a hit =). Give em a go!!

Enjoy =) xx

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