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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Phoenix Restaurant, Rhodes

My best friend Kalli and I absolutely love yum cha. We made it a tradition back in high school to go every year after our Speech Night rehearsal. It was like a way of celebrating another year of high school done and dusted with. Each year we would have different friends join us, or we'd go by ourselves and get so stuffed we contemplated rolling home. Since finishing high school we've long since forgone the tradition of our yearly visit, as we don't have the time or money constraints of teenagers, and go pretty much whenever we feel like it =P. On this occasion it was Kalli's birthday so I asked her where she wanted to go and she had a craving for yum cha =D.

Our fav yum cha restaurant used to be East Ocean in China Town, however since they got rid of their lunch time roller carts we've had to find other places to satisfy our yum cha cravings. One such place is Phoenix in Rhodes Shopping Centre. I really like this place mainly because it's a HUGE room and there's plenty of room for the carts to pass by without jostling customers. And they also have some of the best mango pancakes I've had (I have a feeling I need to expand my yum cha/Asian eatery experiences to those located in more authentic culturally associated suburbs =P....did that even make sense?) However it feels slightly less authentic with the massive wide screen TV on the wall, I think to accommodate for the large office lunch crowd who fill up the place. Whenever I've been here there's always been a large queue, however this time it was actually not that busy, which is good and bad (good because there's less crowd --> less noise, bad because it means less range of dishes to chose from).

I actually don't know the names of anything that we order (apart from pork buns and dim sim =P) - we normally just ask the ladies ferrying the carts to lift up all the lids and we pretty much pick by looks =P.The down-side with going just the two of us is that we don't get to order that much and have a bit of everything. But it's all tasty nonetheless. This time we ordered all our familiar favs...

Fried scallops in wonton wrappers
Some sort of noodles with prawns =P. Omg I'm hopeless.....
We call these footballs since we don't know what they're actually called =P
These have to be our favourite!!
Balls of deep-fried sweet chewy dough with
a pork filling
Shredded Beef - one of my fav Chinese dishes,
but this was one was really really sweet...
Dim Sim!!
Fried Rice Noodles with Peanut and Soy Sauce.....mmmmm

Unfortunately we were too full to even touch any pork buns or mango pancakes :'(. But definitely next time!! And we had our intensely sweet death-brownies waiting for us at home so we had to leave some room for those =P.

Rhodes Phoenix Restaurant
Level 5, Rhodes Shopping Center
1 Rider Blvde
Rhodes NSW 2138
Ph: (02) 9739 6628

Rhodes Phoenix on Urbanspoon

=D xx

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