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Friday, 21 October 2011

Patisserie New York, Caringbah

As you all know, I love all things sweet. I mean, just looking at the last post alone could tell you that. But if you look at my track record of recipes I've posted up on here, most things contain a tonne of sugar. And so, the best thing about having a best friend who is from a family who runs and owns their own patisserie? I get diabetes. Naaa just kiddin hahaha.......actually it's probably true, since I get all this free stuff from her all the time - macarons, cakes (all my birthday cakes since about year 9 =P), slices,'s a bittersweet perk that comes with having an awesome best friend. Everything from Patisserie New York tastes amazing. Unfortunately, it will probably be the death of me. If I get obese I will blame her and her damn generosity. And yes. I will get diabetes, I am sure of it. And I will be sending her the bill for my insulin shots.

Unfortunately for me, my family also happen to like the patisserie goodies more than my own. And that's saying something.

Anyways, every so often I get the chance to make the 45 minute (YES - nearly an hour away from me! Aren't I just the bestest friend) drive down to Patisserie New York. And the drive is definitely worth it. Not only because I get to see Kalli in the cutest waiter outfit, and not only because I get more free stuff and then some (mates rates =P) but because the place is gorgeous. Not even being biased here, but I love coming to the patisserie ('the' because it's THE only one we go to =P). The decor is gorgeous, there's normally always some jazz type music playing in the background, and the atmosphere is very laid back and mellow. I've had friends and friends of friends tell me about this gorgeous patisserie down in the Shire that has the most incredible cakes....and then I tell them my best friend's family owns the place and they're all like "No Way!". But the fact that people all the way from the Northern Suburbs are talking about this place is saying alot.

These display cases are FULL on the weekend, and everything flies off the shelf no joke

Everything is absolutely delicious and unique - you don't get your average tiramisu log or mud cake that taste bland as hell from here. Instead, you get the Sicilian Tiramisu which is soft and light as air, and the Black Satin Mud or Belgian White Chocolate Mud cake, which are both so damn fudgey it's impossible to pass up a slice.

So everytime I go to the patisserie, I get my caramel milkshake, made just the way I like it of course (full of caramel) and Kalli and I sit out the back just chillin. When I went a few weeks ago I took Nat along with me since she'd never been and we all sat down for a nice lunch.

Mushroom & Steak Pie, and Sausage Roll - mmmm nicest buttery pastry, all handmade!! And heated up yummmm

Pineapple Apricot Slice (and complimentary chocolates!)
I always try to have something new each time I go, however I'm running out of things to try.....=P
My fav is still the Lemon Crisp....mmmmm
Banana Cream Pie - an all time fav =D
And of course, no trip to Patisserie New York would be complete without taking stuff eat by yourself share with your family.

From the Top: Immortal Sin Cheesecake, Opera Slice
How cute is the mini macaron!!
Apple and Cinnamon Muffin, part of their new range

Caramel Slice - Dad's fav =P

And, of course, their famous MACARONS. Omg. They have JUST brought out these new flavours which are SOOO yummy!! And their regular flavours like salted caramel....omg. Divine.

Left to right, Top: Greek Coffee, Lemon Curd, Passionfruit
Middle: Forest Berry, Cinnamon Doughnut (my fav!), Rocher
Bottom: Jasmine Tea, Salted Caramel, Greek Coffee

Patisserie New York is a great place to go for a coffee and cake (and definitely a macaron or 2, trust me =P), if you're ever in the Shire area =D, away from the hustle and bustle of mainstreet Kingsway. They are in fact the WINNERS of the 2011 Sutherland Shire Local Business Award YAYYY!!! And just celebrated their 6th year of business =D. 

Patisserie New York also make cakes and various slices and breads to order, enquire in store or by phone for more details. As I mentioned before, I have had most of my birthday cakes from here, the New Orleans Caramel Gooey in's damn delicious, and hence why most birthday cakes have come from here =P. I don't even like cake but this is just incredible.

Patisserie New York
Shop 12/360 Kingsway
Caringbah 2229
Ph: (02) 9531 8688

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=D xx

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  1. This is such a fantastic review of this bakery! I have tried the products from Mortdale and love them - to bits!
    This is my review if you are interested - glad to be following you on Urbanspoon too!

    Choc Chip Uru


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