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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Glitter Nails!

I am in love with my nails at the moment. They remind me of a disco ball. In fact, I used this polish yesterday knowing I'd be going out that night, just so I could look at them shinning under the lights of a club hahah. This is Milani Jewel FX in Gold. I got it online from the US, not sure if you can get it here in Oz. It's a couple of coats, its soo gluggy because of all the big glitter pieces. I used QUITE alot of polish to make my nails look like this, it can be tricky to get the glitter to stay where you want it to, I had to use a pin to shift glitter around a bit just so all my nails would be covered in glitter. But it was worth it! One coat of top coat and it makes it all even shinier! I just love it.

And look how awesome it looks in sunlight!!

I'm so doing this again. But it's gonna be a b.i.t.c.h to get off I can tell....meh it still looks awesome =P. One for special occasions only I think.

=D xx

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