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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Space Cadet

I cut my nails yesterday. And now they look so so so short =(. I am not happy! But some times we must do things we don't like. I also had to wash the car. Fun times.

I decided just to paint my nails, since I don't think I can fit any designs on them at the moment, they just look too stubby. However to make up for it I chose a colour that looks good by itself - Orly Space Cadet. I LOVE this, it's some sort of foil effect nail polish and it just looks so pretty. Apologies in advance for the the dents/chipping - alot can happen in a few hours =P.

I struggled to get a good picture of it, it shimmers between purple, green and gold.

And since I couldn't seem to capture all the colours in one shot, I thought I'd venture outside and see if some natural light would let the colours shine through a bit more...

Yea, I think you need to try this one for yourself to see how pretty it really looks =P.

=D xx

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