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Thursday, 22 September 2011

NYX My Sunshine

HI Guys!! As usual, I got really bored of my nails yesterday night, and so I cleaned them up and started all over. I picked out this real nice yellow/mustard colour that I didn't think would actually look that nice but I really liked it once it was on. This is NYX My Sunshine.

Annd in my lightbox, no flash

Ok, so I love putting patterns on my nails right, so i went to look for one, but as I continued to look i kept looking at my nails and thinking "Gosh this actually looks nice by itself.....maybe I shouldn't change it". It seems that i'm starting to like plain colours by themselves again. But i was determined to put a pattern on it, so I continued searching. But omg the ANXIETY of trying to find a pattern that would look good, and having to put it on this colour that pretty much looks good by itself, worried about ruining it, but again do they look too's ridiculous. I swear I was looking at patterns for an hour. The anxiety was just TOO MUCH! Probs amongst some of my most anxious moments in life. My life experiences clearly have not extended far =P.

Anyways, I FINALLY settled for this marbled effect, which was TYPICALLY the one I had picked out in the first place...oh my god. Makes me not want to do my nails, all this anxiety....

Actually no, I take that back =P. xx

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