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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Dinner at Eesh's =P

Hi guys!! Hope everyone is having a fantastical weekend! I thought I'd do a post on a dinner we had at my house a couple of weeks ago with some of my school friends. Again, on my efforts to save money I've been having people over for dinner so we can chill without breaking the bank. It can actually be more fun than going out because you get to catch up in the comfort of your own home AND you can actually hear each other and have a conversation without having some stereo blast your ears to oblivion. All you need is good food, good company, maybs some good wine and you are guaranteed good times =).

So I was determined to make this a PROPER sort of dinner party so to speak. So I got cracking as soon as I got home from work and prepared a 3 course meal - starters, mains and dessert! Well, the dessert I did the night before because of the setting time required to make it, but everything else was made on the day. And it was absolutely delish.

The reason why this post is sooo late is because in the midst of making our feast I didn't get to take many photos and so I've been trying to get them off my friend's but i;m either too busy or too lazy to go get them off them. SO finally I got to it and obtained some pictures for you to look at and probs inspire you to get cooking haha.

So for starters I made some Dukkah, dipping bread and these really nice Chili and Orange Peel Infused Olives, a recipe which I got off the book 'The Free Range Cook' by Annabel Langbein. Her series on SBS was really really nice and it compelled me to go buy her book. I also made the dukkah - do not buy this as it is sooooo easy to make yourself! And you can mix it up and make your own mixtures - get creative!!

And on to the main dish!! This is a Thai Crispy Rice Ball Salad, a recipe which i got out of a Masterchef magazine. I've made this before and the response I've had before was soo good and i just keep making it. It really is such a nice dish, a bit time consuming, but well worth it. I never thought I would be able to make Thai food at home because to me the flavours are so exotic, but this recipe really nails it. You REALLY should try this, its soo good! And it's one of those dishes you just keep serving to yourself, as you sit there with your friends chatting, eating it even if your so full your gonna burst. It's just like Matt Preston says in his description of the dish, it's just one of those dishes you'll keep coming back to no matter how full you are, it's like potato chips! So addictive you can't stop at seconds or thirds!!

Dessert!! My pride and joy! And easier to make than i thought it would be. In Oz I'm not really sure if people are aware of the concept of S'mores - an American camp fire treat. They are basically marshmallows and chocolate placed together between two graham crackers (not available here as far as i know) - a bit like digestive biscuits - and roasted to melted/charred perfection over a camp fire. Anyways, this S'more Pie is sorta based on this concept, so it contains a graham cookie crust (for which i actually made graham cookies for, such dedication), a chocolate filling and a roasted marshmallow topping. I LOVED how this looked when it came out of the oven!! So cute!! I just wanted to smoosh all the marshmallows.....but they deflated themselves =P. But yes, OMG this pie tastes amazing. Instead of making the graham crackers yourself you can always use digestive biscuits, I'm sure it would taste very similar =).

Overall, it was such a good night in, we had so much fun!! So much so that I had another group of friends over a week later and we had a similar night in haha. But that's for another post =). I love cooking for friends, and I love seeing how much they enjoy my food. I take so much pride in myself and my abilities when someone compliments me on something that I've created, it really makes my day =).

I'll be posting the recipes for all these one by one just because I don't wanna overload this post with too much =) xx

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