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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Athenian, Sydney

Yesterday was my parents 24th anniversary!! And we always go out to eat to celebrate such occasions. I've been told (from people of the same cultural background/with parents who have migrated over here) that my parents are really cool because they like to eat outside their own cultural sphere. However I thought all people like to do that (??) because what's the point of going out to eat something you can probably make yourself and of a better standard =P. I would only go out to eat Sri Lankan food if it was gonna be out of this world i.e. Flying Fish.

Anyways, so I asked Mum what she felt like eating, since Dad will eat anything =P, and she said Greek. So I asked my Greek best friend where she thought the best Greek food was and she said Athenian in the City was probs the best she's had. I've actually been to the Athenian a few times and i absolutely love the place - the location, the interiors, the service and most importantly, the food =D. I've never been disappointed.

I especially love the interior, it's such a large room with a beautiful high ceiling, and the room just feels really comfortable and relaxed - I love it. Unfortunately I'm not a pro at taking cool pictures that show how nice it is, so you'll have to go check it out for yourself. I'd come back here (as I have done before =P) simply for the atmosphere - there could be heaps of people chatting away but you can still hear yourself over everything and have a nice conversation with your dining companions without feeling the need to shout across the table

Pita Bread with Eggplant and Feta Dip (and Mythos Greek beer =P)


Roast Greek Lamb with Eggplant Imambaldi (Grilled eggplant stuffed with onion and capsicum)

Greek Lamb Casserole with mixed vegetables (I love they way they cook the vegetables! So nice)
Dad was too hungry to wait for me to take a proper picture =P

Athenian Special (A bit of everything!) - Greek lamb casserole, Papoutsaki (zucchini stuffed with meat, topped with
bechamel sauce), Capsicum stuffed with minced meat & rice, Cabbage Roll (stuffed with mince & rice with tomato sauce), and mixed vegetables
Their portion sizes are so GENEROUS for what you pay for I swear!! Or maybe that's just our family again =P but everything tasted really nice. I typically could not finish mine but there was so much meat! It was a shame I couldn't finish it really =P.

And I always leave room for dessert of course haha.

Baklava yummm
 I loved the complimentary mint Turkish Delight! Sorta like an after-dinner mint (remember After 8's!?! Do they still have those!??!)

My Brother and I =)

Athenian Greek Restaurant, Sydney
11 Barrack St
Sydney 2000
Ph: 9262 2624

Athenian Greek on Urbanspoon

It's the next morning and I'm still full =P Happy Anniversary to my loving parents xx

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