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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sugar Coma

I am famous for my sugar addiction. It's quite disturbing really. I (used to - key words here people!) do stupid things like eat packets of sugar in cafes and sprinkle brown sugar on top of my fruit. I remember going to Pancakes on the Rocks and practically slurping at the extra maple syrup I poured on my plate. And there's the time we once ordered about 5 or 6 chocolate licks from Max Brenner because there was a $15 eftpos limit. Yes. I am going to die of diabetes I am sure of it.

Believe me I'm working on it =P. I've been doing some diabetes education clinics on my work placement that have knocked some sense into me. You'd think learning about it for the past 4 years would have been enough, but alas, sugar and I have a deep, dark relationship of dependence. Wholly one-sided of course. 

In fact, my sugar addiction dates back to my childhood years. I was told one day we went to a Christmas party and I ate practically all the lollies in this huge lolly bowl. On the way home my parents tried talking to me but they got no reply. They looked back and saw me slumped to the side with my eyes all glassy -  I was practically comatose

So recently I went to Lotus with my brother and best friend and I had this awesome yet simple dessert which consisted of a choc-chip cookie, honeycomb, vanilla ice cream, raspberry and butterscotch sauce. Sophisticated, I know right. Unfortunately i didn't get to take photos of this particular foodie outing so I'm so going again =P.

And I thought to myself how easy it would be to remake this particular dish. And of course, I thoroughly enjoyed it at the restaurant since it was just a huge pile of sugar, and I was craving it again.

And so I made it. Well, at least my version of it.

Looks pretty lethal eh! Well it is. I couldn't finish it.

Yes! I am normal! Let's look at it's construction shall we....

I started off by making a batch of Hayden's honeycomb (from Masterchef =D ) minus the chocolate - tastes just like violet crumble no joke!

Then I grabbed one of these giant cookies I had made a day ago....

Then, I shoved a whole load of crushed honeycomb on top of it, like so....

Then dumped some salted caramel ice cream on top....

And finally, some butterscotch sauce...

Enough said. xx

1 comment:

  1. Eesh I now proclaim you queen of sweet cravings and bow down to you. This stuff is to die for. I'm a sugar junkie too and I tried cutting back (honest)but I start shivering the craving is so bad.I will def give this a go. I can almost taste it. Thank you so much!


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