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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

North Stratty

Excuse the slang =P. My high school is situated in Burwood (in Sydney =P), and so I am well accustomed to using the slang versions of surrounding suburbs. Also the slang names for the surrounding schools....won't share those because I'm sure ill get berated for it =P.

So, I went to dinner last night just with some family friends - one of them is going overseas on exchange. So many of my friends are going overseas for holidays or on exchange!! So jealous =(. We went to North Strathfield (Stratty), a place I don't frequent often because I always think it doesn't have much to offer. Except Harris Farm and a pretty good butcher haha.

We went to a place called 707 Japanese BBQ. Pretty sure it's one of those places that lets you cook your own food....I'm not a big fan =P. But you can order ready made dishes straight of the menu which is what we did. We also when to a place called Cheeky Chocolate further down the road for dessert. It wasn't bad, bit over-priced, but yea so-so. I checked it up on the net when i got home and apparently the menu was created by Adriano Zumbo! But yea, I prefer his cafe in Balmain. The interior was really cosy and chilled. And they have macarons! So might just go back to sample those...

Just thought I'd share a few pics =). I'm waiting for a my friend to swing by so we can hit up some Thai food, but shes running late and I'm hungry! Hence the foodie blog post =D.

Bento Box!

Sashimi plate.... of which I ate just the wasabi =P

Yuuum Fried Soft Shell Crab! Preeeetty good!

'Read My Lips or Kiss My Cheeks' (love the name!). Chocolate sundae with honeycomb Chantilly creme, peanut caramel, raspberry gel and banana gelato. OH and chocolate sauce haha.

Chocolate Crunch Slice

Chocolate Thickshake - pretty much
just melted ice cream =P
Cute little bill box!
Love the chandeliers!! (Sorry about the random spacing in this post =S. Blogger still confuses the hell out of me)

707 Japanese BBQ
16 George St
North Strathfield NSW 2137
(02) 9746 8707

707 Sushi & Salad Buffet on Urbanspoon

Cheeky Chocolate
11 George St
North Strathfield NSW 2137
(02) 9764 5966

Cheeky Chocolate on Urbanspoon

=D xx

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