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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Melbourne Withdrawal (and some QV Markets lovin')

I'm suffering from Melbourne-withdrawal syndrome. I miss it =(. The city, the atmosphere, the nightlife, the people - I swear they are friendlier over there! No offence to Sydnians but Melbournians are a bit more calmer, carefree and I think they go with flow a bit more... (?? for want of a better word) gracefully than us. We are always in a hurry, and as a result, always more frustrated and...just not always in a good mood shall I say =P. Melbourne is so much more spaced out and it just seems alot less crowded, even on weekdays. Melbourne is just chilled, and I love it.

What I really miss is the freedom that comes with going away, even if its only for a few days. I miss getting up at whatever time in the morning, taking my sweet time getting ready, strolling over to Queen Victoria Markets and wondering through, munching on freshly made American doughnuts, sampling the fresh produce and picking up a few things for lunch and later.

As you can probably tell, full-time work is clearly getting to me haha. 

But yes, Queen Victoria Markets! I absolutely love that place! Ever since I went there last year I think it was one of the main reasons why I wanted to go back to Melbs no joke =P. Its pretty much a marketplace full of fresh fruit, veg and produce such as bread, antipasto, cold meats and allsorts of snack, lollies, pastries - it's just incredible.

I'm sure its not hard to find similar things in Sydney, such as Paddy's or Flemington, but I'm not aware of a place which houses all those things IN ONE, and in such a permanent and regular setup as the one they have in Melbourne. If I lived in Melbs i would probably be at Queen Vic Markets everyday if I could. I would love to go through and just pick out all this fresh stuff to eat and just sit in Flagstaff Gardens, have a nice day lying in the sun, reading a book, listening to music and eating all that gooood fresh food =D.

I thought I'd share a few pics of all the gorgeously scrumptious things we found when we were there, many of which we wanted to get but will have to go back for on our next visit. Because there's only so much stuff you can fit into 3 days with just 2 people to eat it. But, nevertheless, you'd be surprised.....=P.

I absolutely fell in love with the humongous range of dips and pestos and was just incredible. So many places had this gorgeous array of Mediterranean fare it was just like heaven.

I really wanted to try these macarons! They had the coolest flavours, including these awesome bubblegum ones! Next time, next time....

Oh artisan bread! How I miss thee!

We grabbed what we thought we could manage amongst our other plans to wine and dine, and yet I couldn't finish what little I bought =P. But it was so yummm. AND relatively cheap.

Roasted capsicum, basil pesto and garlic + eggplant dip. So yum.
Crusty french baguette
Honey Roasted Macadamias! One of very few nuts I'll eat.
Typically coated in sugar =P
Few bits of antipasto - roasted capsicum, dolmades, marscapone figs
and some salmon roll...thing =P.
Ricotta and Turkish bread, and some yummo prosciutto in the background

And of course, our American doughnuts =D Just look at the line! Obviously they got something good goin on...

Mmmmmm. Fresh out of the oven, all warm and yeasty and filled with jam.

Hope you enjoyed reading =) (lots of pictures I know, very sorry, feeling particularly snap happy!!) xx

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