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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

ENOUGH FOOD! (Briefly =P)

As a dietitian, food is your life. You practically eat, breath and sleep food. Constantly asking people what they're eating, educating on what and what not to eat, prescribing diets, writing out meal plans....the list goes on. And so, naturally, food is always on your mind. I'm not used to this much focus being on food - I mean, of course during uni you learn all about it, but there has always been a focus on diet-disease relationship i.e. the background info that you need to do your job, rather than food itself.

But all this focus on food is starting to take it's toll on me. All through my breaks I'm looking at food magazines, I feel this compulsive need to always cook something or eat something, I'm constantly formulating shopping lists for all the things i want to make. You've probably noticed from alot of my recent posts I've been cooking QUITE alot. And I've noticed that alot of the other dietitians at work talk about the restaurants they go to, the food they make, the alterations they made to recipes blah blah blah. ENOUGH! I mean, I LOVE food, most of all cooking it, but this is just too much! If i was a chef i wouldn't mind all this chatter about food because I'd be constantly making and then subsequently eating it. But, as a dietitian, its all talk!

And so, I would like to take a brief break from all things food related. Don't worry! I'm not going to stop cooking (or eating) delicious food. In fact, my next post is actually gonna be on what I made for lunch today no joke =P. I just needed a break, and what better way to do so than go snap happy on such a beautiful day =D.

Top: Unlabelled (Melbourne)
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Tony Bianco
Jewellery: Wanderlust + Co., ASOS

Hope you had as much fun in the sun as I did =) xx


  1. You look so pretty. Hard to believe it's winter time down under. Love this look. The top and the boots are really cool. I envy you being around food 24/7 yet ur really slim :) I just have to look at a food blog/magazine and I get hungry.

  2. you are too sweet thank you! oh believe me i always get hungry its crazy, like a bottomless you can see with all the stuff I cook haha


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