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Sunday, 21 August 2011


Im pretty ecstatic at the moment, and I have been for the past few days. Just recently I booked tickets for a 6 week overseas trip for the end of the year!! I'm so excited!! I'll be heading over to London for a (hopefully!) white Christmas, then to Sri Lanka to touch base with my relatives, then finally to Thailand with one of my best friends for a 3 week getaway!! I. can't. wait.

I'm excited, but nervous as well, I haven't travelled overseas by myself before and so a 6 week trip can seem quite daunting. Added to that, I'm probs the world's most anxious flyer, so i feel sorry for those sitting next to me on all my flights (and trust me, there are alot of them =P) - expect nervous seat-arm grabbing and nervous muttering under my breath, praying and hoping that the plane won't fall out of the sky spontaneously...

So, in all my excited-ness, I'm looking up pictures to use as motivational tools to get me through the rest of my work placement.

Can't wait to see some awesome London winter street stylin'. 

And then on to some sun, sand and shopping!! My credit card will fall in love with South East Asia.

Image Source: Google

 Ahhh so excited!!! xx

1 comment:

  1. That is some trip! So excited for you. I hope you have a wonderful vacation. Take lots and lots of pics. Love this pic of phi phi island. I came back from Thailand a month back and I must say, phi phi is paradise on earth.


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