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Monday, 25 July 2011


Sorry in advance for the unimaginative name =P. I just cycled about 20km (which for me is like a bajillion km) and I think my legs need to be amputated...

Last week was real busy for me, and for some reason my nail polish didn't come off as quickly as i hoped it would =P. Either too much top coat or not enough alcohol drenching my hands during ward rounds (i.e. not doing enough work =P). And so I had my orange nailpolish on for a while, but I got pretty bored with it and i wasn't that keen on it anyways. So this week I decided on something darker and heavier. This is Zoya Envy, a deep dark green. I doesn't really show up much in the pictures, which is a shame. Looks alot like black....

The green shows up much better in the close up =).

And of course, I decided to put a design on it. This isn't my favourite manicure yet again (I haven't been having much luck lately!) but it's OK. Since the design was done in silver it makes Envy look even more like black =S. I imagined it differently to how it turned out, could be the green is too dark, could be my messy work...I haven't been keeping up to date with all my fav nail blogs, which I think is the reason for my lack of inspiration =(. If only there were more hours in the day!!

Just thought I'd share my most played song this week! Can't get enough of the house beat!!

=D xx

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