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Monday, 4 July 2011

Good Food and Wine Show 2011

Hi Guys! I haven't blogged in a while because life has been quite hectic, even though I have been on holidays for the past 3 weeks. I've finally found some time now, ironically on my first day of full time work placement =P. Should give you an indication of my great prioritising skills haha.

On Saturday I attended the Good Food and Wine Show in Sydney at the Darling Harbour Exhibition Centre. I remember going last year for the first time and I absolutely loved it! All the great things to try, the awesome products on sale, George and Gary being quite the entertainers....oh so much fun! And so I knew I just HAD to go this year as well. And this time I went prepared with my expensive camera and an empty backpack =P.

Here's a photo my friend Nadi took of just a small section of the show, so many people and so many stalls!!

And there I am! Sitting with my mum waiting for the yummy food to arrive! This year the Oxford Landing Estate Restaurant was serving up dishes created by favourite contestants Marion and Poh from the previous seasons from Masterchef. There were quite a few to chose from it was so hard to decide. Here's just a few of the ones we picked....

Marion's Confit Duck with Star Anise Sauce and Mash
Poh's Dong Do Pork with Chop House Fried Rice

Soooo so so good! Marion's duck was incredible! So nice with the star anise sauce.....I wish I could have had more. It was so hard to keep my stomach (relatively) empty to sample all the great products around the show because the dishes were so yumm.

Speaking of Marion, we got to watch one of her cooking presentations and then meet and greet her afterwards! She is so nice, it was really great to meet her =). Definitely need to get her new cookbook after watching her make this incredible chilli mud crab.

The great thing about the Show is that you get the chance to see famous Aussie celebrity chef's like George and Gary on stage doing what they do best. Last year not only did I get to see them on stage, I got picked out of the crowd to sit at their 'family table' on stage and eat all the food they cooked!! It was such an awesome experience, the food was absolutely gorgeous, even if it was put together in half an hour, but George and Gary were so incredibly sweet and nice. I even got to have a bit of a conversation on stage with them about good nutrition and the importance of moderation....since the show cops alot of flak for 'promoting' the use of things such as oil and butter in copious amounts (I won't go into this or I won't stop BUT I will say that a simple cooking show cannot be blamed for the obesity epidemic this country is facing - passing the buck won't get you any closer to a healthier lifestyle....)

Anyways, this year I decided to go see Matt Moran. And I wasn't disappointed!! Even though Gary and George provide much of the entertainment factor, Matt Moran was a nice change. He did a masterclass on fish - made 5 dishes using this great piece of salmon i think it was. Even though I didn't get to get on stage this time it was still a great experience =D.

Not only is it a great oppotrunity to see them live, you also get the chance to meet all the celebrity chefs and get autographs and pictures and what not. Last year I got my copy of Gary's 'Comfort Food' signed, which is undoubtedly one of the best cookbooks I own - everything in it look so damn yum. This year I grabbed a copy of Gary and George's 'Your Place or Mine'. Nadi got them BOTH to sign it and they wrote these messages in it for me when they heard I had met them last year as well! Awww they are both just the cutest!!!

And of course, one of the best things about the Show is being able to sample all these GREAT products from all over the country. There was something of EVERYTHING to try at the show - best $25 I ever spent - cheapest way to fill your stomach no joke!!! There were well known brands such as Nandos and Gloria Jeans (they had these AWESOME caramel wafer cookies I HOPE they start to sell in NSW verrrry soon!!), and some gorgeous handmade products from estates and farms all over the countryside. I wish I took more photos of the stuff I tried - chocolate pasta, preserves and chutneys of all kinds, incredible shortbread cookies, cakes and sweets galore, spice mixes.....and some great wines as well. Nearly every single stall had some sort of special offer going on, you'd be mad to NOT buy anything!! Me being me, I couldn't go home empty handed! And since I missed out on some great things last year because I didn't have any way to take them all home, I made up for it this year....

Best melting moments ever.

Incredible spice mixes! So flavoursome and versatile!
Chuck out your store bought generic crap!!
Wish I had got some of there Dukkah...

Have you guys heard of this brand? I hadn't until i sampled they're products...Oh. My. God. Go buy some. Now. They had the best offer going on at the Show it was hard to resist....the range is so good! Go check it out (pretty sure you can get these at Coles)!!

Mmmm macadamia brittle that tastes like caramel popcorn,
and some coconut ice
There was more of course, but it's all in the kitchen downstairs. Or my stomach.

There is SO much to do at the show it's incredible. Next time I go I'd love to go to some of the extra masterclasses they have running like the decanter bar sessions or the chocolate making class....

Hope you enjoyed reading =) Make sure you go next year if you missed out this time!! xx

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