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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Essie Chubby Cheeks

Hey guys! I've been getting the chance to do my nails more often because I'm doing work placement in various hospitals and clinics, and in between the constant washing and sanitising of hands in alcohol, my polish chips off real easy. It's sometimes crap when it's a manicure I really like, but I'm starting to get real bored after a few days of the same nails....Actually, I thought my supervisor might tell me to tone it down with the polish, but no one has told me off so far!

I was stuck for manicure ideas last night and my best friend suggested a deep orangey colour, so I looked for some sort of burnt Winter/Autumn colour to match the weather. I really really LOVE this colour. It's Essie Chubby Cheeks (what a cute name!). It's not really deep, nor do I think it's winter, but it's semi-orange I guess haha. It looks way more orange in real life.

And then I decided to make it all fancy and put some kinda pattern on it. She suggested leaves or trees but I couldn't find anything =P. So I chose this sorta Aztec-like design. Personally, while I like the design, I think Chubby Cheeks by itself looks heaps nice. Oh well, it still looks alright =P.

Well, given that the polish is just wiping off these days I'll be able to re-paint them soon =).

Enjoy! xx

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