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Friday, 24 June 2011

Metallic Gold Nails

Heya Guys! Lately I've been having alot of trouble getting to sleep =(, and last night was one of those nights. So I was up late just chillin', and I remembered I bought some nail foil adhesives off eBay a few weeks ago. I don't know if any you have seen recent pictures of Lady Gaga, Beyonce or Rhianna (and many many other celebrities), but if you have and if you've looked closely, you can see they've all been rocking these AWESOME metallic nails - the instant I saw them I just knew I needed to get right on it and get me some of those.

Image Source: Google Images

Actually I think they've been around for a while now...not sure if it's just me or maybe alot more celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon....

The closest thing I could find to the much more expensive celebrity manicure were these nail adhesives off eBay. So I got cracking! And this is what resulted!

What do you think? I really really like them, and once I put them on I got really excited and wanted to do a post. They're a bit like grillz for your nails hahaha.

However, while these look real good, they are bit a fiddly and time consuming to put on, which I didn't mind since I wasn't gonna get much sleep anyways after starting these. I also noticed that they start to peel off in places really soon, especially the tips, like the next day =(, especially if you do things like wash the dishes and what-not. In fact you're actually supposed to remove them by soaking them in warm soapy water and then peel them I guess you shouldn't really wash dishes.

So, definitely worth it for a night out or a party, but definitely don't last long. Would I do this again? Hell-to-the-freakin yea. 


  1. can you post a link to the product on ebay .

  2. I can't find the exact listing now since it was so long ago, but here's something similar, pretty much the same thing =)

    So many designs to chose aswell...


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