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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I (heart) Free Stuff!!

HULLO! I got excited about this post so I couldn't resist and broke my rule about posting before my exam =P.

About a week ago (after much trepidation) I ordered some bottles of nail polish from Inglot (a cosmetics company from Europe - more specifically Poland i believe?) after seeing some reaaaaally nice nails on some blogs i read, using this particular polish and others like it. And so I looked it up, found out Inglot had stores in Sydney, but being the lazy ass that I am PLUS I used the excuse I shouldn't really leave my house since I'm 'studying', I decided to buy them off the online Australian store, even though they charged a shipping fee (like I said I'm feeling particularly lazy at this point in time =P).

So I ordered 2 bottles of the polish I was after and also another colour that had a matte effect to it.

And they arrived very quickly! Like in a few days =D. And i got really excited and opened my package - yep, all the stuff I ordered was there.

But then.....

I opened the little polish boxes and =O! The two bottles of 202 were TINY! And I was like ^@#&$! I ordered these 15ml bottles but all I got was like 1/2 the size! And for $16 per bottle I was like 'I don't think so buddy'! And so, I emailed the sales rep frantically explaining what had happened, I didn't get overly mad because I was sure they would be able to rectify the mistake.

WELL! The exciting thing is, they emailed back, explaining very nicely that they did in fact send me the right bottles, but there was a typo on the website that listed the wrong size. AND because I was 'inconvenienced', they were offering to send me TWO FREE BOTTLES of any polishes I want! WOO HOO!! So, after debating whether to even buy these polishes in the first place, I effectively ended up paying for 1 bottle! And now I have 5 bottles (yes, 3 are actually the same thing, but look at the pictures below and you'll probably realise why having more than one of these bottles is a good thing =P)!

They also sent me some other things like lip liner and foundation samples which was really nice of them =). 

So, I hope these pictures convey WHY exactly I went through all the trouble to get this polish. I believe this is what they call a "flakie" polish. I think its holographic foil flakes suspended in a clear base. And over dark colours it looks spectacular! This is Inglot 202 over a plain black polish.

The holographic foil flakes change colour between green, red and gold

And THEN, I decided to use a 'matte' top coat - for those who are unfamiliar with this, you use it instead of a regular top coat, and it creates this matte finish instead of a shiny one. This was a matte top coat by Essie (Matte About You - I got it from Myer)

Looks like there is a bit of blue in there too
Yep! Definitely blue!

I couldn't decide what pictures to put I'm so sorry there are quite few! And yes, I'm working on taking better care of my hands, I realise my cuticles & skin are very dry. It's hard when you work in a shoe shop and all you do is constantly pull out and put back dusty boxes =P.

Hope you enjoyed reading =) Follow me if you did!

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