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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Shave for a Cure

HULLLO! I have an exam tomorrow, but procrastination rules. I also have a slight chest infection which is only now starting to disappear, so this is my 'study break'. One of many.

Last week one of my best friends, Nathalie (Nat!), shaved her head for the Leukaemia Foundation as part of their 'Shave for a Cure' campaign. She made an event of it, having all her friends and family over, getting a nice barbeque going - had a real buzz in the atmosphere! I swear I was more nervous than she was about shaving her head.

This is Nathalie =)! Oh how pretty she is! And her beautiful hair!

It was quite exciting, as each of us got to cut off a piece of her beautiful hair, and then shave the rest of it off.
Me shaving Nat's hair off! Sorry Nat, it looks like im grabbing on hard there....

Had a bit of fun and gave her a moehawk before we shaved it all off haha

I can't express how incredibly proud I am of her and what a good thing she's done for people who need support in their darkest hours. Most woman would cringe or back away from such a thing, purely for vanity's sake (one of them being me =P). My best friend Kalli put it as 'losing your woman-hood' (temporarily of course), which is really interesting, because while i agree with this, I also think that some women, like Nat, feel empowered by such an act. I admire her more so because she has such confidence and pride to do such a thing, because again, it take guts to shave off your hair and walk around on the streets where people still look and stare, which is quite intimidating.

Anyways, she has managed to raise over $800 which is such a great achievement!

Kalli, Nat (baldie haha!) and Myself
Again, Nat, i'm so very proud of you and can i just say you look absolutely beautiful (and no need to worry anymore, you have a nice shaped head haha)


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