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Sunday, 29 May 2011

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For.....

ICE CREAM! That's right! I made ice cream!! Cookies and Cream ice cream to be exact! And to be even more correct, 1 week later I have none left =(. But not to worry! Since the recent acquisition of my new favourite kitchen appliance, I will have homemade ice cream all year round! I love my new Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker (from KitchenwareDirect - currently on sale!) in my favourite colour too =D.

Oh how i love thee.
I've been contemplating getting one of these babies for a long time now, but i couldn't justify the cost of getting one since I wasn't really eating that much ice cream. But a few weeks ago i just thought 'What the hell, the only way I'd be eating more ice cream is if I buy one'. And so I did.

The first recipe I decided to try was vanilla of course, and it was from the manual that came with the maker. It was very basic, which surprised me since most of the recipes I've looked up have heaps of other stuff and require stove time, I'm guessing because raw eggs are involved. But I'll be experimenting alot with this thing so there's plenty of time to make and compare!

So basically, I pretty much just chucked all the ingredients in an electric mixer and mixed it all up for a bit......

....turned on my ice cream maker and churned it for about 1/2 an hour.

While the machine was churning away, my little brain was ticking away thinking, 'how can this get any better?'. And as I was fumbling around in my pantry, the answer came to me in....

OREOS!! So I quickly ripped open some of these snack packs and bashed the living daylights out of the cookies in a zip lock bag.

The manual said to add any bits in a few minutes before the churning was supposed to stop so that they didn't sink to the bottom or get too mixed in. So with a few minutes to go I poured them into the chute and watched them get all mixed up.

And a few minutes later, VOILA! I had homemade ice cream! And it tasted O.M.G. like a maccas Oreo McFlurry. I had to leave it in the freezer for a bit because it was still a bit 'soupy' but it firmed up really good after a few hours.

Mmmmmmm. If you love ice cream you need one of these! The flavour combinations and possibilities are endless!!


  1. Oh so fluffy and delicious!

  2. Indeed it was! Ill be making more and delivering it to you personally :)


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