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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Ebay Cosmetics Haul

HULLO! I just completed my second last ever uni exam! WOOHOOOO!! Only 3 more weeks of hell to go till my last!

Anyways, onwards with my post =). A couple of months ago I bought a whole load of cosmetics (mainly nail polish) off ebay (oh how I love thee). Because a) you can't get some of them here in the land of Oz, and b) they were dirt cheap. Mascara, concealer, nail polish, eye shadow - you name it. It's like a gold mine. Here are pictures of some of my haul (yes, only SOME of it =P):

Essie (L to R) Chubby Cheeks, Midnight Cami, Chinchilly, Mesmerize, Heavenly Sunset

China Glaze (L to R) Jitterbug, Camel, Midnight Mission, Medallion

Milani Eye-Tech and Nailpolish (Truth or Bare)

First of all, I'm still in the process of getting through all the nail polishes, trying new combinations with patterns and what-not. I'll definitely have posts on all that coming your way. But the one thing that I reaaaaaaaally really loved from all the purchases was the Milani Eye-Tech Liquid Eye-Liner.

I have trouble finding good eye liner that doesn't smudge or run, and I used to resort to cheap brands.....until I found this! It applies beautifully because the tip is like a fine felt point brush (much like a felt-tip pen), allowing you to build up the thickness and intensity of the line more accurately. And the best thing is that it stays on for a whole day without even any sign of wear!

Left: Just after application (morning, 8am)
Right: Just before washing my face (midnight – long day =P )

The only way it will come off is if I rub my eye reallllly hard or if i wash it off with water AND facial soap. No joke it's amazing. And it was only $5!!

I'm telling you ladies (and men, if this suits your fancy =P), ebay is the place to go. Look out for more posts  on my make up hauls!!

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