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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

90's Flashback

HULLO! I’m VERY sorry for the lack of posts! Once again uni work and laziness have become my pastime for the last week or so.

So while I haven’t been blogging, I’ve been watching channel 111 on Foxtel - all my favourite shows from the 90's and beyond!! After overloading on these sitcoms i began to realise how much I LOVE the 90's. Well, its not like its a revelation, more a....reminder? It was like a trip down memory lane. Nostalgia to the max. I LOVE listening to Mix 106.5, including Love Song Dedications, just because they play (or used to...) play the classics from when I grew up. As of late they have been playing more new age pop crap which is ok, but the 90's sh*ts on it hard (excuse my French). Just recently a friend of mine put together a compilation of all these songs that took us on a trip down memory lane. It was very comprehensive, but even looking back on it now, there are soooo many more hits that could have been added. I believe the 90's was a decade full of one hit wonders. LOVE IT.

Here are a few that didn’t make the cut but are still 90's classics:

One other thing I LOVED or LOVE about the 90's is the fashion! Short high-waisted mini skirts, leotards (more late-80's/early 90's), high waisted pants, vests, stockings, clumpy shoes, kitten heals, power suits, voluminous hair, those clothes which could only be compared to the likes of tapestries, maxis with awesome patterns, COLOURS everywhere!....and then late 90's with the long skirts, crazy twisted hair styles, straight hair, short hair,  funky colours (a bit psychedelic at times), when everyone didn't wear bra's (NO idea how that came along but I SWEAR for about half of the Friends seasons Rachel didn’t wear support...not that she needed it =P).......oh how I wish I had the courage to wear all this now.

But when you read back on it, we actually DO wear half the stuff listed there, just in a different way, or a different cut. Slightly altered to fit what is "acceptable" or seen fashionable in this day and age. Anyways, again, not exactly a revelation, but an interesting thing to note =).

Friends is shown on channel 111 constantly, and from watching these episodes, interspersed with Frasier, and Sex and the City (which is more in the 00's than the other two and way more out there with the fashion), I realised I would have loved to be a 20 something year old in the 90's.

Look at those clumpy shoes!! Hahahaha

I <3 THE 90'S!!!!

(Image Source: Google)

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