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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Shopping Woes

So, I haven't spent any money in the past week. This, my friends, is the first time I haven't spent money on my 'want' list since......November? I think EVERY WEEK I have bought at least SOMETHING. Partially due to the windfall from my 21st. Partially due to the long hours spent slaving away at work.

And free shipping on ASOS doesnt help. So easy to just click the 'checkout' button without thinking.

So i've been trying to satisfy my shopping cravings by just WINDOW shopping. It's testing my will power very much......i've been stalking Topshop recently because i'm loving their styles. And everything on ASOS seems to sell out in a matter of minutes these days.

Window shopping is so depressing. I don't know how you people do it, just looking at stuff but never buying it.  As you can see my self-control is like nil.

I remember once when someone read my palm, they told me I would have heaps of money, but I would give it away. Clearly she was right, since im giving it all away to online shopping boutiques...

Stuff that I want. Just the tip of the iceberg my friends.

Palazzo pants. Which I will probably never wear. But they remind me of ABBA and I want them.

And a yellow raincoat. Just for good measure. And yellow is my favourite colour =).

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