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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sailor's Thai Masterpiece Dinner

Yesterday night i had the great pleasure of joining my adorable friend (Hi Nadi =D) for a special dinner event held at Sailor's Thai at the Ivy.

From February 21st through to April 15th (two more day left aww) Merivale hosted it's March into Merivale campaign where a series of world-class restaurants offered up amazing $33 lunch and dinner deals, as well as special degustation menus, cook offs with world famous chefs and upcoming stars, and special food themed events (such as the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at Lotus WHICH I MISSED and I'm fully cut about it =(  ). Also included in the festival events was 'The Masterpiece Series' where a number of restaurants hosted culinary nights which showcased their best 'assets'. There were quite a few restaurants taking part - Mad Cow, Ash St. Cellar, Felix, Uccello, and of course, SAILOR'S THAI yayayay!!! I wish I could have gone to all of them.....maybe in the near future hehe.

Anyways, yes, so i've never been to any of the restaurnts of the Merivale group, so when I saw the interior of the place I fell in love. The Ivy Bar itself is gorgeous but THIS was incredible. Unfortunatly I couldn't take photos or they would have kicked me out =(. So you have to go see it for yourself!

When we walked in we were greeted immediately by this small bubbly asian man who was wearing just casual clothes - your everyday jeans and tshirt - which we noticed all the bar and wait staff were also wearing which gave the place such a relaxed and friendly feel it was awesome!! And they all greeted us in Thai ("Sa-wat dee!" - i figured it out Nadi!) as we walked past and they were just so friendly.

As we sat down we were given the run down of the night and what was going to happen. Put simply - 6 courses, eat as much as you want, when you want. Oh. my. god.

Oh and of course - Chandon. Yuuumm

The kitchen was arranged bar style - so you would walk up and they'd be doing their thing, cooking up a storm, and you just request what you'd like and they'd serve it up, garnishes and all, in little bamboo boat baskets. So Adorable!

So first we had Thai Fish Cakes with Cucumber and Peanuts. I love fishcakes and these were so nice!

Nadi eating her fish cakes. Ain't she cute!!

Next we had the bamboo skewers. The pork was soo tender and just yum. We had to go back for seconds...

The thick rice noodles with beef, broccoli and dark soy sauce were delish! This filled me right up but i was determined to keep going!! I think i'm going to use dark soy sauce next time i make noodles because it was such a rich flavour. The lime just topped it off nicely.

Fried rice!! My all time favourite Thai dish! And this didn't disappoint! I tried to ask the chef how they made it pink, but I couldn't quite understand what he said - i think he said some type of sauce....anyways how funky does it look!! So cool!

Nadi holding her fried rice hehe

Sweet corn and with shredded coconut - sounds odd doesn't it? But O.M.G. BEST dish of the night!! It tasted SO NICE!! Was NOT expecting that at all!! Such a nice combination!! And the black and white sesame seeds added a little nutty flavour. Just pure YUM in a bamboo boat <3.

And finally, last but not least, the coconut ice cream with sticky rice and peanuts. Best way to top off a really nice Thai banquet!! I wanted to go for seconds but my stomach screamed at me =P.

Me eating my ice cream yuuuummm

As part of the funness and total awesomeness of the night, each guest was given a piece of paper to draw their 'masterpiece' of their own interpretation of their night in 'Thai'-land, and if their picture was judged most awesome, they would get their dinner for free! Nadi being the total artist that she is, came up with this masterpiece!!

And me, being the total loser (and suck up) i am, did this:
Yes, that is meant to be a love heart =P

We were told by our friendly waitress that we were the only ones in the running, as she hadn't seen anyone so much as pick up a coloured pencil, so we got heaps excited....until we saw some hussy trying to out-do us on the table next door. Sooo don't think we won this time =P. But that's ok because the food was TOTALLY worth 70 bucks!

And so we left, with our stomaches full to the brim and big smiles on our faces. And we saw this awesome chair downstairs in their mini lobby and just had to take a picture.

Sorry for the length of the post, but I had to describe the awesomeness of the night because it was just incredible. And its just devo if you miss out on the food-porn.

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