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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal Wedding Fever

HULLO! Sorry for my few days absence, i've been busy....watching the royal wedding!! It was so exciting!! Nearly in tears half the time, i watched the whole ceremony, even when the guests were arriving! It was like it was straight out of a fairytale. But of course, the most exciting part was seeing Kate - nope, i mean The Duchess of Cambridge's, dress!

So i LOVE the dress and it think she looked ABSOLUTELY stunning. However, after staring at her wide eyed for more than two hours on the big screen, i think there are a few things i would have changed.....

First I would have put a HUGE train on that thing. I just LOVED Princess Di's huge train, and i think it would have looked so regal if this dress had one too. However, maybe she didn't want those types of comparisons made about her. Or, maybe she just didn't want a huge train. Power to her!

Secondly, I definitely would have had a larger bouquet. That thing is a bit too small for my liking!!

Thirdly, I would have put Pippa Middleton in a much uglier, more "poofy-sleeved-typical-bridesmaid" dress because that girl looked smoking. I definitely wouldn't say she outshone the bride, but if she looked like that at any other wedding (i.e. mine) she would have turned maaaany heads and i would have gone after her with a hatchet.

However, as pointed out by the TV presenters, both girls could wear hessian bags and still look gorgeous.

Anyways, (un)fortunatley, i'm not her and i'm not the one getting married. Despite these little things, she looked a dream. Straight out of a fairytale, just gorgeous.

One of the TV presenters kept pointing out that the dress looked very similar to the one Princess Grace of Monaco (Grace Kelly) wore when she got married in 1956. So i went searching and by god, they look so alike!!!

Even the bouquet looks so alike!!

Anyways, my favourite part of the wedding had nothing to do with Kate or William.

Hehehe, sneaking a peak down the aisle. So adorable. And single. And has hair.

(Image source: Google Images)

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