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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Not Quite Momofuku Lunch

I recently purchased the Momofuku Cookbook after practically reading the entire Momofukufor2 blog, which sadly has been left untouched for the past few months. I dream of going to New York and visting each and every one of his restaurants, tasting the crack pie and ripping through a fried chicken feast by myself, which i don't doubt I can do.

But alas, until I can even scrape together the money for a meal, let alone an airplane ticket, i have settled for David Chang's  first cookbook (of which I hope there are more to come!). Just flicking through the book makes me crave some authentic steaming noodles.

Which brings me to the subject of what I had for lunch today. I've never tasted ramen in my life, so I decided to create a bit of Momofuku magic in my own kitchen today.


Nope, no joke! In his preface Chang describes how he used to eat bowls and bowls of this one particular instant noodle meal, Nong Shim Gourmet Spicy Shin Bowl, as a teenger and during his college years, which lead him to explore the world of noodles, more specifcially ramen. So, I wanted to see where Chang got some of his inspiration from. I got this baby for $3 at my local asian groccer.

But it's left me wondering how he's been so successful if THIS is what he ate endlessly. I mean, it  tasted like instant noodles, but spicier and with little bits of what i think were dehydrated mushrooms floating around. And it clearly made such an impact on him that he had to brand his chain after the man who invented instant ramen, Momfuku Ando.

Must have been something in the water.


  1. OMG widge i eat this like everynight, PS $3 for the one bowl?? girl you got ripped! ahaha serzly this noodle is my staple, along with migoreng!!

    ps loving ur new blog!! update more so i can stalk you!!
    xoxo MAL!

  2. HAHAH MAL!!! omg you should go all momofuku and open a restaurant then hahahaha!!! lol maybe you should show me where to get the real cheap stuff then :P.

    Awww yay! Thanks for the support!! Im gonna try update as much as i can just for you :D
    p.s. you'd think facebook was enough of a platform for you to stalk me hahaha


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