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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

New Boots!!

Finally got time to take some pictures of my awesome new Tony Bianco BOOTS!

They came so quick in the mail. I want to wear them somewhere! Give me an excuse to go out in them!!

They are so comfortable. And the suede just moulds to your it!

Unfortunately due to my spur of the moment snap-happy rampage i neglected to put make up on and thus my face is hidden haha.

Also, excuse the quality of the photos - im working on getting a tripod, but the mirror will have to do for now =P. So hard to find places to take pictures in my house...

Btw, everything I am wearing is from online - ASOS top and jewellery, Topshop jeans, Jules and Roc boots. Gotta love it. 

Hmmm now i just wanna go shopping for clothes for the boots......

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