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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Good Friday Easter 'Epicnic'

HULLO! How is everyone? Hopefully you're all enjoying a relaxing 5 day long weekend here in Australia!! Don't you just love sitting around and doing absolutely nothing? This has been made extremely easy for me since we got Foxtel - they've been having a Frasier marathon on TV1 and even though I have the full box set of DVDs I can't help but watch. Oh how I hope they will do a Friends marathon!

ANYWAYS, back to all things Easter, I went on a picnic - or rather an Epicnic - on Good Friday with my bestest friends from school. It was such a nice day and the spread we all brought was amazing. We dubbed it the epicnic because we wanted it to be an epic picnic - however, only a certain number of us turned up, but it was still epic =P.

Hyde park is so pretty when its not full of people, and when the streets aren't full of bustling commuters. So quite and relaxing.

All these pictures were taken by my friends. I swear my friend's take better pictures than I do. 

How nice does all the food look!! I made hot cross buns and sausage rolls mmmmm. I'll post the recipes for them separately =D.

As we were leaving the park we saw this man making huge bubbles with his bubble making contraption. It was so cute to see the little kids run around and try burst them all.

Happy Easter everyone!!


  1. The downside to you having an awesome blog is that I know all the awesome stuff I'm missing out on! Easter food as well as fabulous shoes. But it is like a guilty addiction, so now that I'm hooked and loving it, you're not allowed to stop. Okay?

  2. OK!! You're the boss Luce :D


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