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Sunday, 10 April 2011

'Colonic Décor'

My brother posted this restaurant review on my facebook wall, and it's one of the funniest I’ve ever read! Very scathing but comical at the same time hahahaha!

L’Ami Louis is one of the most famous bistros in Paris and is known to be frequented by many high flying foreigners, especially Americans and Brits. Apparently the food isn’t worth the high price tag. Coincidently i was having a conversation/argument with my dad about how if something has a good reputation, they can get away with selling you anything (his exact words were "any piece of crap") for whatever price they want. But the same thing may be being sold somewhere else with a lesser reputation, and it may well be of better quality and with a cheaper price tag. At this point he referred to the pastries I bought form Bourke St Bakery and I just put my foot down and said he wouldn’t be able to find a more prefect brulee tart in the whole of Sydney =P (and i totally stand by that).

I guess this restaurant is a prefect example of how with a good reputation you can practically do what you want with no/few people criticising you for it, and unfortunately furthers my dads's side of the argument =P.

The best part about the article is when he describes the inside decor hahahaha i couldn’t stop laughing!

Check out the review here.

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